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LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management: Who Are We?

LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management was founded by Justin Gates, a seasoned tax and financial business professional. Justin realized early in his career that there was a gap between the planning process of tax accountants and financial advisors*. The thing that stood out to Justin was that these differences didn't affect the tax accountant or the financial advisor* but directly impacted the client’s current and future tax and financial situations.

Our firm feels that the client is the heart of the business. A strategic and holistic approach to align tax and financial needs will make a significant impact on improving a client’s long term financial plan. Our staff wants to provide an individually personalized tax and financial plan* to clients of all income levels by providing honest, transparent, competitive, strategic, and family friendly services. 

LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management focuses on the holistic financial picture of clients ranging from individuals to small businesses by strategically analyzing all aspects of their situation. The firm creates unique processes to allow financial strategies created to flow seamlessly into client’s everyday schedules. LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management takes pride in being educational and training clients to implement the strategies created to fit their financial situation.

LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management was founded on the concept of providing a unique 4 step experience:

Value-1: Consulting Services

LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management works with clients regarding business planning, business consultation, new business entity types, business structure advantages and disadvantages, business tax preparation, and new business formation to structure each clients' tax situation. The firm adds value by working with clients to understand their current situations and to create an understanding of how their business situations directly impact their individual tax returns. LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management plans and consults with businesses annually to get individual income tax to a comfortable level by structuring company profits year by year. The firm offers a part-time CFO service to help business clients streamline operational efficiency with financial expectations and provides bookkeeping, payroll, financial analysis, and other services as necessary.

Value-2: Tax Planning

LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management works with each client on an individual basis to assess current taxes, any major changes within family, and future tax expectations. The firm uses this assessment to provide tax planning and return preparation. LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management's key to successful tax planning is meeting current and future tax needs while working towards a healthy financial future.

Value-3: Financial Advising*

LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management creates a financial plan* for clients based on their tax expectations, financial goals, and investment philosophy. Tax expectations allow us to create a plan that minimizes or maximizes annual and future tax based on each clients’ needs. LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management uses a needs analysis to assess the financial goals of clients. Investment philosophy is based on client’s investment knowledge, risk levels, investment emotions, time horizon, and confidence in market.

Value-4: Financial Services

LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management takes consulting services, tax planning, and financial advising* into consideration when considering which financial products fit the needs of each client. The firm offers a full array of competitive products to direct clients toward a healthy financial future.

*These services offered by Justin Gates through his affiliation with Avantax Investment ServicesSM