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Tax Services

LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management approaches its tax services by analyzing each individual’s and small business’s holistic situation, and then providing a full range of tax planning and preparation strategies to minimize tax liabilities and work towards the client’s overall financial goals. LifeCycle Tax and Wealth Management strives on understanding tax law and legislation allowing for short-term and long-term minimization of tax liability and staying in compliance. The firm feeds off the importance of expert tax planning and works with clients one-on-one to integrate a long-term strategy to minimize tax liability, stay in compliance, time personal and business transactions, keep financial goals on track, and manage efficiency of finances. The firm offers the following tax services:

Tax Planning

IRS Representation

IRS Filing Extension


Tax Return Preparation

  • Individual

  • Sole Proprietor

  • LLC

  • Partnership

  • S-Corporation

  • C-Corporation

  • Estate, Gift, and Trust