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The Dream Starts with a Plan

| March 07, 2017

I was sitting at a coffee shop a few years back thinking about everything I had experienced in my professional career and the satisfaction I had with my current situation. I understood that I was in a comfortable place but I wasn’t doing what I truly had a passion for. Over the years, I spoke to teammates, clients, customers, co-athletes, friends, family, and others and really saw a difference between what individuals understood about their current and future financial situations and what reality was of their family’s futures. I started to realize that I wanted to provide affordable, unique financial and tax solutions to families of all ages and income levels.

I saw a unique gap in the thinking processes of financial advisors and accountants over my years of professional experience. I started drafting a small, simplistic business plan on a concept of providing holistic solutions (Consulting Services, Tax Planning, Financial Advising, & Financial Services) to individuals and businesses on the Emerald Coast and surrounding areas. The business plan was more of a dream than anything else when I began drafting it but on January 1, 2017 I decided to make it a reality and make the transition to making a direct impact on people’s lives.

LifeCycle Wealth Management was founded on the concept of providing creative, affordable financial and tax solutions to people of all ages and income levels. LifeCycle Wealth Management’s vision is to bring awareness to the importance of retirement, education, estate planning, tax issues, investment planning, business planning, family risk planning, and other areas and how these areas relate to each family’s current and long term outlook. The idea was to provide cost effective services to college kids, young professionals, individuals, families, retirees, and others while providing innovative solutions to get each person to their goals.

Is it better to start saving at a young age or at a time when its affordable to you and your family? Is it possible to reduce your current and annual tax? What is the age you should start protecting your family, spouse, and children? Is there an optimal time to start putting money into an educational plan for your children? When should you create a will or trust?  Do you have a business plan in case of an emergency?

The dream starts with a plan…..